Councils Granted £148m for Pothole Repairs

Many motorists are only too familiar with the problems and inconvenience caused by potholes in the roads. In addition, an increasing number of local councils are also becoming familiar with compensation claims for the damage caused by them, in cases of neglect.

Recently, an extra £168 million has been allocated by central government to councils across England for pothole repairs. This sum is to be divided between the 148 councils who applied, to repair approximately three million potholes before spring 2015. More funding was apportioned to those councils which (in the opinion of officials) had demonstrated good practises and innovation.

However, the LGA (Local Government Association) has criticised the sum allocated, comparing it to “a drop in the ocean”. The LGA mentioned a £12 billion backlog of outstanding work required to bring the roads into good order. The AA (Automobile Association), speaking for car owners, was somewhat more positive but also highlighted that more money was needed to repair road surfaces satisfactorily.

Investment ‘Important Step’ In Curbing Pothole Prevalence

The Transport Secretary described this as an important step in getting rid of the pothole menace, and mentioned that the current figure was only part of a larger long-term investment plan in road infrastructure. Councils in London are to receive £10 million of the funding, in contrast to larger areas such as North Yorkshire and Cumbria which are each set to receive less than £5 million.

This grant is in addition to the earlier £183 million to assist with repairs after damaged caused by severe winter frosts. Funding has been linked to a requirement for councils to report on progress made each month. Many organisations have called for a more complete approach to road investment, comparing pot hole repairs to a mere “sticking plaster approach” and pointing out that councils have had to pay out millions of pounds in compensation claims – much more expensive than what the cost of more timely repairs might have been (and the damage avoided).

MacDonald Surfacing can help with all road repair issues and any work required, including pothole repairs. We have over thirty years’ experience of road works for most regional authorities throughout the West Midlands, and will be delighted to discuss your requirements. After the freezing conditions of winter and excessive rain, small cracks are best repaired and not ignored, so that they do not become deeper and wider.

Summer is the best time to get the surface restored, to avoid problems that can arise from further deterioration with excess heat and then the complications and difficulty of repairs in winter. Significantly, the average cost of repairs per pothole is many times cheaper than the rising trend in compensation claims for damage. Please contact us today for an initial consultation.