CR MacDonald Renew Membership with exor

Here at CR MacDonald we take great pride in the fact that we are accredited by or are members of a number of the leading organisations in the business world, with this being epitomised lately as we renewed our membership with the well renowned exor organisation. Delivering business opportunities by uniting suppliers and buyers, our exor membership has enabled us to arrange contracts with the likes of local councils and other associated bodies in the past.


The aim of the exor organisation is to ‘develop the relationships in the supply chain to reduce inefficiency, cost and risk.’ In order to ensure this is achieved, stringent criteria have to be met so for our membership to be renewed we had to make sure we continued to meet the codes of practice, legal requirements and standards set in place by exor before we could achieve our accreditation.


As we have now been awarded this prestigious accreditation, you as a customer can feel confident that as a business, CR MacDonald demonstrates the following credentials;


•    Financial viability


•    Competence and a good track record in all areas of our service


•    Robust management and competent administration procedures


•    Relevant certification and licensing related to our line of work


•    Compliance with the latest environmental guidelines


•    Effective policies when it comes to employment


At CR MacDonald, we will continue to provide the best possible level of service across all areas of our business, which means you can rest assured that we will continue to be recognised by the leading organisations in the industry through accreditations, memberships and awards, like the gold award we won recently (which you can find out more about by clicking here!)


For further information on any of our services, from the repair of a car park through to our ability to lay a new driveway leading up to your property, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team who are always more than happy to help.