National Highway Sector Scheme

C R MacDonald Ltd are pleased to announce the achievement of accreditation to the National Highway Sector Scheme (NHSS). We have been certified under Sector Scheme 7, 16 and 30. This has been the culmination of lots of hard work and training for our operatives. We believe this accomplishment re-enforces the dedication we have as a company to continually improve and move forward with our processes, safety and training.

The Accreditation covers us for the following scope.

Application of Road Markings – manually applied, permanent and temporary, thermoplastic, paint and tape systems; and application of road studs – manually applied, permanent and temporary, inset, anchored and surface mounted systems.

Laying of Asphalt Mixes in the following categories – Machine and Hand Laying.

Installation, Maintenance and Repair of Modular Paving including;
a) Paver or Setts – Flexible (Unbound)
d) Flags & Slabs – Flexible (Unbound)
e) Kerbs, Channels & Edgings
f) Ironwork

We would welcome any enquiries for quotations in any of the above Sector Schemes