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The Washford Industrial Estate

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The Washford Industrial Estate

27 Heming Road, B98 0DH

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Over the past 20 years MacDonald Surfacing have become one of the UK’s leading tarmac surfacing companies serving our clients throughout Birmingham, West Midlands and Nationwide

Sustainable Civil Engineering Practices in the Energy Sector

Civil engineering plays a massive role in the energy sector. With more funds being invested into this sector for developing energy-efficient infrastructure, we ensure that the methods we use for carrying-out our works also reflect this. We put effort into sourcing renewable materials from suppliers and taking extra care in how any remaining materials are disposedof. We collect data from our suppliers to monitor the performance of our ESG score and constantly evaluate the company for better efficiency and eco-friendly initiatives.

While tarmac itself doesn’t directly generate or harness energy, its presence and quality significantly impact the efficiency, reliability, and accessibility of energy-related activities and infrastructure. As the energy sector continues to evolve, the importance of well-constructed tarmac surfaces will remain integral to supporting its various operations.

UK's Industry-leading ENERGY SECTOR Contractor

Tarmac's Contribution to the Energy Sector

Tarmac is widely used in the construction of roads, highways, runways, and other transportation infrastructure. These networks facilitate the movement of vehicles that transport energy resources like petroleum products, natural gas, and coal from production sites to distribution points and consumers.

The energy sector relies heavily on efficient logistics and supply chains to move resources, equipment, and products. We create smooth surfaces for roads and runways, enabling seamless transportation and minimising delays in energy-related activities.

construction of access roads and parking lots for power generation facilities, including power plants, substations, and renewable energy installations like solar and wind farms. These access roads provide easy entry for maintenance personnel and equipment, ensuring reliable energy production.

The industry requires stable surfaces around oil and gas drilling sites, refineries, and storage facilities. This helps manage the movement of heavy equipment and vehicles, ensuring the smooth functioning of these energy-related operations.

Regular maintenance of energy-related infrastructure is crucial for their efficient operation. Tarmac repairs and resurfacing are often required to keep transportation routes and facility access points in optimal condition, reducing energy consumption associated with vehicular wear and tear.

In times of natural disasters or emergencies that affect energy infrastructure, we can play a vital role by swiftly providing accessible roadways for emergency vehicles and equipment.

Well-maintained roads with smooth tarmac surfaces can contribute to energy efficiency by reducing vehicle fuel consumption and emissions. Smooth roads offer better fuel economy and require less energy to traverse, contributing to overall energy conservation.

Tarmac is necessary for the construction of temporary facilities during energy-related project development phases. These can include access roads, staging areas, and construction sites for energy production, distribution, and storage.

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Our collection of case studies showcases the significant contributions we’ve made to surfacing projects across the UK and in various sectors.

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