The Importance of Regular Road Surface Maintenance

You more than likely use the country’s roads every single day and more often than not take them for granted as they help you get from A to B. It is however vitally important that road surfaces are maintained on a regular basis, and in this post we at CR MacDonald are going to run through just a few of these reasons and the subsequent consequences if the required maintenance work isn’t undertaken;


Maintain Travel Routes


Everyone relies on the road network to get them to their planned destination, whether it be on the daily commute to work, as you take the kids to and from school or to regularly visit friends and family. If roads are not maintained, these journeys and those made by the likes of the emergency services would not be able to be completed with such ease, therefore having the potential for serious consequences in your daily life.


Reduce Risks of Accidents


Accidents do happen and there is sometimes very little that can be done to prevent them, however the risk of accidents caused by poor road surfacing can be limited through regular maintenance work. The relatively simple task of repairing potholes is one such instance where maintenance and repair work has the ability to eliminate the risk of an accident caused by a pothole in the road altogether.


Lower Vehicle Repair Costs


With poorly maintained roads comes a greater risk of damage to the vehicle you are driving. This damage can be anything from minor issues such as chipped or cracked windscreens through to more severe issues with suspension, steering or tyre damage. Any form of damage is obviously going to be unwanted and will result in your having to pay out for a repair, therefore clearly stressing how important quality road surfaces are.


With all of the above points in mind, it is clear to see that a good network of roads is vital and that regular maintenance work on the surface is essential to ensure this.