The Key Features of an Industrial Forecourt

An industrial forecourt, at a factory or warehouse for example, has a vital role to play in how the setting functions. If you are a factory owner, it is therefore essential to ensure your forecourt functions in the manner required and meets the needs of all those using it on a day to day basis. To help make sure this is the case, we at CR MacDonald have detailed a few of the key features of an industrial forecourt so you can ensure this is implemented at your setting or make the necessary changes if not.


Clear Access


A forecourt is the location where all goods and equipment will either be brought in or taken away from your industrial setting, so this area needs to be kept clear to avoid delays and incidents. In addition to the main entrance to your premises, the exits from your factory or warehouse should also be clear to make it as easy as possible to transport goods in and out.
Smooth Surfacing
It is also essential to ensure smooth surfacing is in place to avoid the risk of damage to vehicles using the area as well as damage to products that are being transported from inside your factory to the waiting vehicle or vice versa. Cracked or uneven surfacing increases the risk that the products produced in your factory or warehouse will be damaged before they have even left your site.
Safety Markings
Clear safety markings are yet another essential element of a factory forecourt as they identify various features such as loading bays, storage areas, pedestrian walkways and areas that need to be kept clear at all times. Without safety markings in place, you are running the risk of accidents arising and confusion for all those working at and visiting your premises.
Some factories and warehouses work all day and night, so effective lighting throughout the hours of darkness is a must to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries as well as maintaining the high level of productivity required.
Hopefully you now have a clearer idea on the most essential elements of a factory forecourt and remember, when it comes to resurfacing, make our team here at CR MacDonald your number one choice on every occasion. Give us a call today to find out more about how we can transform your industrial forecourt with effective surfacing.