Paver Hire Redditch, Birmingham

At Redditch based CR MacDonald we are also delighted to offer a full paver and planer service for all paving and associated surfacing tasks throughout of the Birmingham & West Midlands.

A quality surfacing project, such as a highway, requires thorough planning – our team of highly trained pavers will know exactly what they are doing before work commences.

A comprehensive site inspection from our pavers will allow us to become more familiar with the individual set-up of the premises in question, which will ensure that our clients will not suffer from unexpected ‘hidden’ costs they may experience with other companies.

Paver Hire & Planer Hire

We also can now offer you both paver hire and planer hire as we have a selection of planning and paving machinery in excellent condition, which can be hired on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Information about out planer hire: WIRTGEN 1000 – The Wirtgen 1000 Tracked Planer offers a high performance solution to medium and large-scale pavement refurbishment requirements. Boasting a powerful engine yet offering ease of manoeuvrability, this machine is perfect for small tasks and complex projects alike.

Paving Machine

BITELLI BB650 Asphalt Paving Machine
BITELLI BB730 Asphalt Paving Machine

The Bitelli BB650 and BB730 Asphalt Paving Machines offer simple yet effective paving solutions to their users. The BB650 model is a 13.5 tonne medium power system with a 2.5-4.65m laying width, while the BB730 machine measures 8 tonne with a 1.7-3.2laying width. We have installed many drives throughout the Redditch, Birmingham & West Midlands area, and have many years experience in Asphalt surfacing and resurfacing.

So if you are looking for more information on our paver hire, planer hire or require any information about any of our services including car park repairs and kerbing please feel free to get in contact with us through the contact page.