What’s the Damage From a Poorly Surfaced Car Park?

Most business owners probably don’t spend vast amounts of time thinking about the car park outside the company property; it’s understandable as other things are on your mind and the condition of your car park usually doesn’t make the list of priorities, until something goes wrong that is. If your surfacing is left to its own devices for too long with no maintenance or attention, you could be facing a host of expensive problems, so keep on top of your car park to avoid the following:


Uninspired Customers and Clients


The exterior of your property is the first sight to meet the eyes of anyone approaching your business and you know what they say, there’s no second chance at a first impression. Clients will make snap judgements about your company based on the condition you keep your premises so it’s important to make sure it sets the right tone with a pristinely surfaced car park.


Damaged Vehicles


You don’t want drivers entering into your car park and putting their vehicles immediately at risk! Pot holes, uneven surfaces, debris and faded spaces are all leading causes of expensive vehicle damage like damaged suspension, wheels and nasty scratches. If you spot the signs of damage take care of it then and there to avoid a more costly job in the future.


A Dangerous Environment


It is important as a business owner to ensure your premises meet good health and safety standards. Poorly surfaced, uneven and damaged car park surfaces can be a hazard to individuals as well as vehicles as they can become difficult to manoeuvre on foot which can be detrimental, especially to people with mobility issues, the elderly or children.


Here at CR MacDonald we offer a specialist tarmac and asphalt surfacing service on any commercial property car park. Our highly skilled team have years of experience ensuring your driveway or car park meets the highest standards. If your car park is in need of maintenance then get in touch today and speak to a member of our skilled workforce.